Icon_100px.pngSnapchat isn’t just for kids anymore. What started as a way for, primarily teens, to share photos that disappeared in 10 seconds (James Bond Style), today has become one of the most complete and engaging communication platforms on the market!

On March 29, Snapchat did a major update it on the chat side of its app – And its magnificent. For the first time the company has decided to enable a bunch of new multimedia options for its users. You may now make audio and video calls as well as choose from over 200 stickers to send in personalized messages. For the advanced user, you can even simulaneously switch between calls and messages! <—And for any of you who have attempted this with your phone’s features, you know its is impossible to send a text while on a live call.

Snapchat’s new-found versatility makes it a strong competitor in comparison to other popular private messaging apps like We Chat, Kik, Telegram and Facebook-owned apps like WhatsApp and Messenger.

So before I bore you to death going on and on about all the new features, I am sure you would like to know how to use them. I might even though in some teasers on what they mean for the future of Snapchat. 

Everything You Need To Know About The Snapchat Chat 2.0 Update

The update brought with it a ton of new and exciting features. Now I’m gonna give you the lowdown.

Auto-Advance Stories

Swiping left during a Story now allows your to jump right into your next friend’s Story. Once a Story has finished playing the next one in your list will start automatically making consuming Story content much easier for its users and could lead to an increase in the 7 billion video views Snapchat is generating daily.



Who doesn’t love a good sticker? Stickers have become an key part of many messaging platforms and Snapchat has created a pool of OVER 200 stickers to include in your conversations.


Video or Audio Calls

Through the Chat interface you can now make audio and video calls!! Say What?!?

To make a call simply tap on the phone icon for an audio call or the video camera icon for a video call.

So what makes Snapchat unique in comparison to say, Skype? With Snapchat you have the ability to be on a call and simultaneously send photos that appear as an overlay in the chat window.


Video or Audio Notes

Long phone conversations not your thing? No worries. Within the Chat interface, you can send quick, sub-10-second thumbnail video and audio clips.

Video clips loop, much like GIFs and when tapped by the receiver will also play audio alongside the video. Audio notes, play through as the receive taps on them.


The Future of Snapchat & It’s Evolution

In 2014, Snapchat released Chat 1.0, and for the first time allowed users to communicate via text and video chat. When most apps told you when your friend was typing, Chat let you know that your friend was listening. And it’s the listening and engagement aspects of social media where Snapchat has really been able to differentiate itself.

With Facebook and Twitter, we give friends a glimpse into our lives. Snapchat allows you to share the whole picture in a more authentic way. The apps immersive nature brings us closer together than any other social platform. When you choose to watch someone’s story it means that you are giving it your full attention. That is not always the case when you are scrolling though Facebook’s news feed or Twitter’s timeline.

Here is how Snapchat has evolved since it’s launch in 2011:


What Does This Mean For My Business?

Social media seems to be trending towards more private conversations. How this will affect marketers long-term remains to be seen. But what’s clear is that Snapchat is here to stay and marketers should be paying attention.

On-demand Geofilters are just like Snapchats normal filters that you may have seen your kids or friends play with – a design you can overlay onto a photo or video you take in Snapchat – except they’re only available in certain locations. New Bern has one:


This update created a new revenue stream for the company, but also made Snapchat a powerful marketing tool for brands and businesses of all sizesNow anyone can create their own Geofilter in a selected area for a chosen time (starting at $5 per 20,000 square feet per hour).

Your business should definitely be looking to take advantage of the opportunities provided by Snapchat as it continues to move towards the mainstream.

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