Facebook_Messenger_logo.svg.pngIf you are considering using Facebook Messaging for your business or you have decided to start using the new messaging features, you defiantly want to insure that your using Facebook messaging effectively. Listed below are suggestions on how to take your game to the next level – straight from the source itself – Facebook.

Source: Facebook.com/business


Turn on Messaging When You’re Ready.

Messaging is a feature that Page Admins can turn on and off for their Page, and once you enable messaging for your Page, people will expect you to respond. So turn on messaging only when you can commit to responding to messages. Learn how to enable messaging for your Page.


Have A Plan In Place To Be Responsive To Incoming Messages.

Depending on how many messages you anticipate, assign a person or a team of people to take the lead on monitoring and responding to messages. Keep in mind that if you are running ads with the “Send Message” call to action, you may receive quite a few messages from people.


Set A Response Time To Set Expectations.

Response times are notes that show up in the About section of your Page and in the chat window when someone messages your Page and they tell people when they can expect a response from your business. Page admins can choose to show that they respond either “within minutes,” “within an hour,” “within hours” or “within a day.” Set a response time for your Page that is accurate to set expectations with people sending you messages and to establish response time guidelines for the people on your team in charge of responding to messages. Learn how to set a response time.

If you respond to 90% of messages within fifteen minutes, you’ll earn a “Very responsive to messages” badge. While we don’t expect every Page to meet this threshold, we recommend being as responsive as possible to build rapport with your customers.


Use Instant Replies To Greet Customers.

When you have messaging enabled for your Page, you have the option of turning on Instant Replies to send an automated reply to anyone who messages your Page. Where appropriate, this feature can be used to greet customers and thank them for reaching out before someone is able to respond personally. Learn how to turn on Instant Replies.


Limit Saved Replies To Frequently Asked Questions.

The Saved Replies feature helps Page admins respond quickly to high volumes of messages asking similar questions. We recommend using them to respond to frequently asked questions, like your business hours and the details of your return policy. For one-off questions from people, send a personal reply.


Respond Privately To Sensitive Questions.

Page Admins can reply with private messages to comments left on their Page, helping them respond to personal requests and handle customer-specific information more effectively. Use private replies to respond to Page comments about billing questions, sensitive customer complaints, order statuses and other topics that may be best worked out directly and privately. Continue to reply publicly to general business questions and requests, where your public answers will be useful to other Page visitors.


Write The Way You’d Speak To Someone In Person.

Messaging is a direct and personal communication channel, so make sure your tone is friendly and respectful. Write to your customers in the same way that you’d speak to them in person. It’s also important to think about the context of messaging before you reply to or initiate a message with a customer. Messages are immediate by nature, meaning they have the ability to get attention of the recipient right away, so we suggest using messaging to provide updates, like shipping notifications and order confirmations, and for other conversation topics that are best discussed in real time. For broad marketing communications, consider boosting posts from your Page or running ads.


Be Helpful And To The Point.

Facebook messages don’t have a character limit, but we still recommend keeping your messages short and to the point. Be clear about which question you’re answering and which action you recommend. You may also consider signing your messages with your name, not just the business name, to personalize the communication.


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