There were FOUR important Facebook updates this week. Do you know what they were? Test your social media genius and she how much you know!

Facebook is Beta Testing The Removal Of The 20% Rule

Facebook is currently running tests in the UK & Ireland. What I have heard through the grapevine from Facebook contacts/groups: “The feature is being BETA TESTED in parts of the world (not the US or Canada). Facebook is testing the analytics of the ads’ effectiveness of ‘not having’ vs. ‘having’ the 20% restriction. As with ALL ‘beta testing’ aspects to the platform, Facebook gathers the data and proceeds from there whether to ‘not offer’, ‘offer to all’, or ‘only offer to some’. No time frames are ever given during Beta Stage. The ‘less reach’ aspect is put in place to dissuade people from producing ‘business card’ type creative, with 100% text.”

This shift will eliminate the text policy, and the hope is that Facebook will no longer disapprove ads based on the amount of text included in an ad’s image. User Beware: This new feature is rumored to come with a catch. Instead of disapproving an ad for containing too much text, Facebook will alert users that they will be getting less reach for the same budget.  

New Messenger ID, Link and Code For Your Page

Facebook just released new @username’s for business pages. The idea is that the new @usernames will make it easier for people to find and contact your business on Facebook Messenger. Your page’s username is simple the vanity URL you already have. Soon, your username will show up directly on your Page, underneath your Page title with an @ symbol before it. There’s also ‘Messenger Links’ that use a Page’s username to create a short and memorable link ( that, when clicked, opens a conversation with the business in Messenger. Try mine: (Facebook first tested as

In addition Facebook is also adding Messenger Codes. Just like Snapchat, these are unique codes that people can scan in Messenger using the camera in their phones to open a thread with your business.

Source: Official Announcement Link: Messenger

Facebook Live in Groups, Events and More Features

Of course, the BIGGEST news of last week is the fact that Facebook Live is finally available to ALL users. We used it this past Friday to show to world #ArtWalkNB! You can also use Live in GROUPS and EVENTS. Plus there are a ton of fun new features that are kind of Periscope-esque with floating/dancing emojis (Reactions) and kind of Snapchat-esque with Live filters & doodles. Want to enjoy it with a friend? No problem! Just send an invite to friends to watch Live with you. PLUS, there’s a new Live video interactive map. Keep in mind, any time you broadcast Live video to public, you could show up on the map! Here’s the map: Facebook LIVE Map

Live video will also start showing up in trending topics! Plus, look out for a brand new dedicated Live video search coming to mobile. Want to learn more about this: Official Announcement

Source: Official Announcement Link: LIVE Video

Facebook Cover Dimensions Have Changed

One more important update that has NOT been announced anywhere: the dimensions of the Facebook page cover image has changed!! Previously, it was 851 x 315px. Now it is 828 x 315px. If you’ve noticed your cover image a big pixelated or squished, this is likely why! Be sure to change the dimensions and, ideally, create as PNG. If you’re using Canva, use the custom dimensions as their template still shows the 851 x 315px. See this updated help section on Facebook: