Snapchat has just released it’s newest product!


An Ice Tray


Ephemeral (adj.) lasting a very short time, short-lived, transitory

Yup. I can’t make this stuff up folks. With almost 100 million daily active users, every second there are 9,000 snaps sent, and every 24 hours there are 10 billion video views on Snapchat their newest product release was…an ice tray.

If you didn’t already know about Snapchat’s somewhat-secretive e-commerce store, which features three products on Amazon, get ready to hold your hats for the newest product. For $12.99 USD, you can get the official Snapchat ice tray.

The features?

  • Produces eight ghost-shaped ice cubes
  • Ice cubes are ephemeral – they disappear at warm temperatures
  • Great for cooling down Mar-ghoul-rita’s and Boo-jito’s
  • Made of flexible silicone material

So as the listing on Amazon says,

“We heard your game’s ice cold! Take your beverages to the next level with the Official Snapchat Ice Tray, which makes any refreshment more refreshing – and fun.”