Snapchat recently surpassed Twitter in number of daily users. How has this sneaky social network grown so big so fast? Two words: face swap.

In a recent Bloomberg report, there are now more active daily users on Snapchat than Twitter. Snapchat has 150 million daily users while Twitter has under 140 million, and they can’t all be teens. Dismissing the app as a sext fad is, at this point, goofy.

I first downloaded Snapchat a year ago as a way to chat with my younger sister. I couldn’t seem to get a hold of her before downloading the app. It didn’t matter if I called or text, she wouldn’t respond. But once I started to play with the app to get her attention, I found that I couldn’t stop. And face swap, was a favorite (turn the front-facing camera on, hold down on your face until Snapchat’s filter options appear, scroll to the face-swap option).

Face swap allows you to see what your face looks like on your friend’s head. You can see what your face looks like on a baby’s head. You can see what your face looks like on Barbie’s head. Ever wonder if you would look ugly if your face was the Crying Jordan meme? Wonder no longer.

Let’s play a game. Try to name one social app that wouldn’t be at least marginally improved by a face-swap feature….

Did you say, Facebook? Facebook knows it would be better with face-swapping, which is why it bought face-swapping app Masquerade.

I am not suggesting that Twitter is a thing of the past, but…

Twitter’s growth strategy is a mess. It continues to roll out small tweaks (character limit adjustments, which I am still waiting on) or dumb tweaks (Moments, which manages to be an even shittier version of Facebook’s Trending feature) without addressing its terrible abuse issue. Twitter seems to be too heavily focused on attracting new users by creating a easy to use platform for any newcomer, while simultaneously, pissing off their power users. None of the updates have made Twitter more fun. Meanwhile, Snapchat continues to come out with new reasons to play. And we all know engagement is key when fighting for attention. Updates like secret filter tricks and play counts for Stories exist to make those who already happy happier, not to lure new people.

Who do you think has the better platform? Twitter or Snapchat?

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