Let’s start with a bonus stat – because I love you guys.

The 2015 Customer Experience Management Benchmark report from Execs in the Know found that only 64 percent of companies train their social media agents.

What?!? Call centers regularly spend six weeks or more training agents on how to take a phone call, but social media gets nothing? And we wonder why or social media efforts are fruitless.

With companies frequently being found online first, why wouldn’t businesses be allocating the necessary funds to provide training for their employees? Perhaps these companies don’t know what training to provide. Or, they don’t have access to a quality training program.

Whatever the reason may be, YOU no longer have an excuse to remain a part of the statistic. I am here – and I am here to stay. Besides, who wants to be part of a statistic?

Stat #1: Retailers respond to only 18.2% of customer tweets.

The conversation is happening whether you acknowledge it or not. Don’t you want to be a part of the conversation?

Companies routinely ignore their customers on Twitter.

You wouldn’t refuse to answer the phone or respond to an email. Nor would you ignore the customer asking for assistance (well, unless you’re Walmart). So why ignore customer tweets?

Sprout Social compiles a quarterly social media index report. Their 2016 Q1 report shared the abysmal response rate from retailers. The worst part? Retailers were the leading industry in terms of responsiveness. In other words, retailers are great at responding quickly, but terrible at answering the question asked. Talk about a run around.

For an example on how to do it correctly see the example below and read: 5 Real Time Marketing Tips.


Stat #2: 67% of customers are influenced by online reviews

This stat comes from Moz. Check out their recent article for a more in-depth run-down. Below are the results.

Takeaway: Companies need to take reviews seriously. Restaurant review stories receive all the press, but most companies will eventually have pages from review sites ranking for their names. Building a strong base of positive reviews now will help protect against any negative reviews down the road.

Companies large and small are missing the boat on this oft-ignored corner of the social media world. The biggest opportunity here is your business could be using positive reviews to directly increase sales.

I suggest you read Are you a Local Guide?, if you haven’t done so already.

Stat #3: 61% of Fortune 500 CEOs have no social media presence

Domo does an annual survey to track down this stat.

There’s a good chance that not being on social also means “doesn’t understand social.” I think this is one of the main reasons why so many companies struggle with social media customer service and a large reason as to why I started Paperless Marketing.