I’m selling a home on snapchat.


And it is not just any home. It is the Mortie M. Marks House located at 407 Johnson Street.

“This large, many-gabled late-Victorian dwelling was built in 1891 for Mortie M. Marks,the son of the successful merchant, Oscar Marks.”

Pretty right?!? Wait until you get a look at the inside!


Okay, okay…Just click on the link above and I’ll show you around.

Cool, Awesome – So What?!?

I get that. I mean why would it matter to you? It’s not your house and you may not even know who Dottie Corning* is.

*Side Note: She is selling her home in conjunction with Keller-Williams. I’m helping her market it.

BUT you do live in New Bern…


If we can do this, it will be the FIRST EVER home sold on Snapchat.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 13.20.16.png

My Goal is to Help Her Sell Her Home in 90 Days

So tell your mom, tell your sister, tell your boyfriend, husband, dog, best friend in Idaho; gosh darn it – TELL EVERYONE you know. Let’s get New Bern on the map and find ourselves a new neighbor.

Oh…And don’t forget! Add me on Snapchat! 




Breanna Kusnierczyk


UPDATE: As of August 8, 2016 the owner of 407 Johnson Street has decided to market their  home independently.