A new study published by Quintly suggests that we  all need a new marketing strategy. The title of their recent findings, “Twitter study: Steep drop in interactions for biggest profiles!”, sounds terrifying to say the least. However, is the data really that frightening and is there a way to use the recent findings to succeed?

Quintly’s Twitter Study.

Quintly analyzed 30,000 profiles in the first six months of 2015 and 2016 and revealed interesting findings for businesses active on the microblogging service. 

“This study provides an interesting in-depth insight into the logic behind Twitter, and works out specific details of usage and strategies of the micro blogging channel.” -Quintly.com

In order to keep this as simple as possible – I’ve just embedded the Linkedin Slideshare below. Quintly categorized the analyzed profiles in six different groups, so that everyone is able to benchmark their own performance against the individual average.

And for those of you who just want the highlights…

  • Follower growth falls by 40% compared to the first half of 2015
    • The first half of 2016 also shows, that the average follower growth on Twitter remains unchanged, and leveled off to 4%, indicating that Twitter is becoming more saturated and mature as a network.
  • Number of daily tweets remain unchanged
  • Interaction Rate rises for smaller profiles
    • Profiles with 10-100k followers were able to increase their interactions, indicating that those profiles tend to benefit from Twitter.
  • Twitter can be a very effective social media network for businesses, but the biggest profile clusters, which mostly are celebrities, went down by more than 50%.

How To Use This Data To Succeed.

“Even if time committed to social media reaches its saturation point, there will always be more users, and those users will continue to change the way they interact with social media.” -socialmediacontractors.com

Yup. It’s kinda that simple.

With smaller profiles seeing the the highest levels of engagement, it means that Twitter is a great platform for small businesses. Additionally, with the average number of tweets per day remaining the same, it means the conversation. And, it suggests a desire for sincerity and transparency.

So, if you’re a small business, this is your time!