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The Secret Hidden Gem of New Bern, NC

Tucked away, right in the heart of downtown New Bern, North Carolina you will find Stardust Art Gallery. Located at 244 1/2 Middle Street, they feature the work of over 30 Eastern NC artists along with a few from other areas in the United States such as Charlotte, NC, Ohio and Virginia. 

StarDust Gallery’s founder, Dara Morgan, opened in March 2015. The work shown at her studio offers a wide range from modern art to more traditional styles. In addition to local art, jewelry, and gifts, Dara offers BYOB painting classes and local classes by the artists showcased in her gallery! 

StarDust Art Gallery is called by many a hidden treasure. And as treasure typically is, StartDust Gallery is hidden as it is upstairs where it shares the floor above Toms Coins and Antiques, with A Hopeful Balance Yoga Studio. 

StarDust + Survivor Knights = AWESOMENESSgiphy-6

Dara, a survivor herself, has the belief that high quality original art can be had by all of us. The painting above the sofa doesn’t have to cost more than the sofa itself. The decor in your office doesn’t have to be mass produced several thousands of miles away when you can have one of a kind original artwork from a local artist for about the same price.

Dara  is a self-taught emerging artist who has lived in New Bern, North Carolina for the last 5 years. She began painting therapeutically after she discovered she enjoyed painting murals on her children’s walls. Painting provided her with the introspection she needed. 

As we say in the Survivor Knights group on Facebook:

“Only together can we survive…Your darkest moments may be the light to another.” –Survivor Knights

She soon became able to express her innermost thoughts, emotions and memories in which she perviously lacked the vocabulary to express. Dara evoked her voice through the use of color and motion. She loves pops of big color, happy whimsical flowers and abstracts that invite you to relax and reflect.

For the entire month of October…

Stardust Art Gallery will be showcasing Survivor Art, made here in New Bern, North Carolina.

The gallery will be open from:

Tuesday-Thursday from 11am-4pm

Friday-Saturday from 11am-5:30pm

We look forward to seeing you all there! Until then – Enjoy this preview from Melissa “Athena” Hastings, one of the artists who will be featured this October. 

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