Recently, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Alex Swonder on my most recent Snapchat Takeover. Alex, a fellow snappchater, lives in Erie, Pennsylvania and works as a model at model mayhem. He spreads generosity and good cheer on his channel, inspiring others to believe in themselves and help those around them.

You’ve probably heard of Snapchat. The app that truly changed how people interact with friends compared to other popular social networks. It’s now more popular than Twitter and Pinterest, with only Facebook and Instagram having more users daily. Snapchat is both a messaging platform and a social network.

If you subscribe to the “safe” marketing definition:

A Snapchat takeover is when a brand allows a social media influencer to “takeover” the brand’s Snapchat account and create a story from the YouTuber, Instagrammer, or Snapchat star’s unique perspective.

I hate this way of describing a takeover. Its incredibly limited in its view of what a takeover can be:

A Snapchat takeover is when people collaborate, despite their differences, to create something that encourages real human interaction through the shared respect of adding to an already existing idea. In addition, it invites their audience’s to engage with both users on a more intimate level and encourages conversation.

…but I’m a romantic.

Behind The Snapchat Takeover.

When Alex first contacted me about his idea to do a 52 week takeover I immediately jumped on board, not stopping to give it a second thought. It was January. All I knew was that if I could pick any week I wanted. I wanted Valentine’s Day.

Coming up with a design for the day proved to be much harder than I thought. I developed several stories lines before I finally settled on one. It literally took me until a week before the takeover to come up with something I would want to watch. My next step was to pull the trigger.

What You Didn’t Know…

As with all things, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Although I was prepared for poor video quality, an inexperienced snapchater (in case you haven’t seen the video above, Graham Spann, who assisted me in capturing the Valentine’s Day surprise, had never before used Snapchat), the quartet not being able to find my husband’s classroom, etc – The last thing I expected was my husband to actually watch my Snapchat Account on Friday, February 10th.

That’s right…He knew it was coming.   

Now I was faced with a decision. Continue as planned regardless of his new found knowledge or start all over and go back to the drawing board. It seems like an easy decision, but that Friday, it was impossible.

I pride myself on authenticity. His reaction, now that he knows, I told myself, would no longer appear genuine. It was staged, a rouse, fake. I HATED this. I couldn’t see past the authenticity of the reaction to the surprise. How was I going to come up with something new this close to Valentine’s Day? I took me almost two months to come up with this idea!

That entire weekend I was miserable. I didn’t want to go out. I didn’t want to see anyone. I just wanted to try and solve this problem that I now had been given. How had I not considered the possibility that he might want to know what I was up to so he would watch my story? Stress is terrible for the creative process.

Monday, February 13th, and I still had nothing. It appeared I would just have to trust that my husband would make it work. If not for me, maybe he would do it for Graham. He was so excited to participate! My concern derived from his fear of public speaking mixed with his knowledge that a singing quartet planned to interrupt it.

Valentine’s Day.

Today was the day. Time to run toward the thing that scares me the most…Being discovered as a fraud.

To my surprise it went GREAT! The only hiccup I experienced was not having the footage of the entire Southern Gentlemen Chorus performance on film. Day of, I even came up with another idea that allowed for a genuine, authentic reaction! It was awesome! I’ve never had so much fun.

Why am I telling you now?

I’ve made the decision to share my Valentine’s Day Snapchat Takeover story because we are all guilty of letting our inner voices talk a little too loud and it feels good when we realize we aren’t alone. We are all guilty of this behavior. Sometimes it can be so bad that we don’t even start.

Act with intention and remember you are loved. 

Have you ever listened to your bad inner voices? What did you do to overcome?

Tell us in the comments below!